Medicare Part D

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Medicare Part D Prescription Coverage

Medicare Part D is the RX coverage available to you and is purchased from an insurance company. This is not from Medicare. Medicare and Medicare supplement plans do not provide RX benefits; you also need a good RX plan. medicare supplements

There are over 50 different RX plans in California, with different formularies of covered prescriptions. Be sure you enroll in one that covers your prescriptions. RX plans also have a coverage “gap” that you need to be aware of if you take several prescriptions. To see if the Blue Cross plans will cover your prescriptions, go to the web site

If you want to review all the RX plans available in California you can go to the site to use their “Compare RX plans” program.  If you are not comfortable on the internet you can call HICAP at (800) 434-0222, or possibly your local pharmacy, and they will do the comparison for you. You don’t have to purchase your RX plan from the same agent as your supplement. If you want a prescription plan from Anthem Blue Cross please let us know. There are penalties assessed by Medicare if you delay enrolling in a RX plan.

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