Medicare Carriers

We specialize in sales of the best medicare and medicare supplement carriers in California.

Medicare and Medicare Supplement Carriers


The carriers we offer for Medicare eligible individuals:

We are an independent insurance agency for the two largest Medicare supplement providers: Anthem Blue Cross, and Blue Shield of California.

Anthem Blue Cross Medicare Insurance for California

Anthem Blue Cross of California provides many types of medicare supplement insurance plans. Any senior who has insurance can carry additional insurance to supplement their existing senior health benefits. Blue Cross is dedicated to caring for members at every stage of their lives. anthem blue cross logo

Anthem Blue Cross is a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), so you have the option to use the health care providers and many of the hospitals of your choosing, and from a very large provider network in California of over 45,000 members across the nation.

Blue Shield Medicare Insurance for California

Blue Shield of California has been operating in our local medicare insurance market for dozens of years. They have strong plan offerings that are not heavily weighed in HMOs. Blue Shield of California offers 8 out of the 12 supplemental health insurance plans for seniors in California. Each letter plan is standardized, meaning that, for example, Plan J in California is the same as Plan J in Massachusetts. Blue Shield of California offers Medigap Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, Plan D, Plan F, Plan G, Plan J and Plan K insurance policies for seniors.


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